Bathroom Remodeling Services in Houston & St. Charles

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Over years of use, the bathroom shows its age. The original surface of bathroom fixtures wear down, exposing adsorbent pores that collect dirt, bacteria, and germs leaving a grimy, lackluster surface that won’t come clean. The old worn-out surface looks and feels lifeless, the years of usage may lead to cracked or missing tile, grout breaking apart, enamel chipping off, and water leak issues. Once your bathroom begins to break down, remodeling is a great way to restore the life in your bathroom. Our expert technicians can provide you with the best remodeling services in the area. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our past customers have to say here!

When Should You Remodel Your Home’s Bathroom?

If your bathroom is dull, full of mildew and dingy, or just needs a polished, new, up-to-date look, we can help. We can save Houston or St. Charles, TX homeowners and property managers lots of time and money on their bathroom updating projects, no matter what the budget or schedule. Whether you have just decided to remodel your bathroom or you are adding in a new one, we can help you get the blend of style and function that you are looking for.

When remodeling your home, the bathroom is one of the key areas that benefit most from a makeover. But bathroom remodeling is not just about changing the fixtures and towels: a bathroom remodeling can involve many challenges, especially with plumbing. From rerouting lines to fixing corroded pipes, a bathroom remodeling encompasses many areas. Call our experts today and get the ball rolling in your bathroom upgrade!

What Issues Should You Consider Before Remodeling Your Home’s Bathroom?

Before you begin adding expensive tiling and additions to your bathroom, it is very important to consider the underlying plumbing structures, especially if the plumbing is old. There can be many hidden problems to your plumbing system beyond a leak, such as water damage, improper water ventilation, corrosion, and more. “Gutting” your dated bathroom can save a lot of time and money, especially if you are doing an all-out remodeling of your bathroom. We can diagnose your plumbing with our in-depth inspections and evaluations by our fully trained plumbing technicians. Common issues in older bathrooms include:

  • Water Heater and Pressure: Corrosion on your water heater’s relief valves can cause malfunction and disrepair. In addition to carbon monoxide leaks (with a gas water heater), neglecting to maintain your water heater can create an unsafe environment. Whether you have a gas or electric unit, we will make sure all parts of the heater are clean and operating at efficient for its make and model.

  • General Faucets and Pipes: Leaks and corrosions are one of the first things to keep in mind. Knowing that your bathroom faucets and plumbing has the proper water flow will help keep systematic plumbing problems from occurring again in your newly renovated bathroom. Our service technicians will check your bathroom plumbing for visual keys, such as stems, rubber seals, and cartridges without removing them.

  • Toilets: Toilets should also be checked for proper functionality, which will save you water and money. As we conduct our inspection of your bathroom, our technicians will check for leaks and proper flushing action in your toilet’s tank and bowl, as well as effective water seals with the flapper and tank ball. All our adjustments to your toilet’s float ball, overflow settings and linkage will be made to reflect the manufacturer’s specifications.

What Is The Importance Of Professional Services For Your Bathroom Remodeling?

When left to experts, bathroom renovation can be effective, timely, and budget-friendly. We offer free estimates on a stylish and functional design that will meet your satisfaction and needs, before any work is done. You can rest assured that our licensed, insured, and bonded plumbers will take care of any and all plumbing issues that need attention during your bathroom renovation. Contact today for an estimate and guidance on your bathroom renovation project today.

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