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Your drains are a crucial part of the plumbing system within your home and must be in working order everyday. Just like any other item frequently used, your drains must be properly maintained. At tfp24.ru we offer expert drain cleaning services for the Houston and St. Charles, TX area. No matter how serious the clog is you can rest assured that our expert technicians will have the best solutions for you! Don’t just take our word for it. See what your neighbors are saying here!

How to Know If your Drains Need Maintenance?

In most cases, when your home is suffering from a drainage issue, you will notice various signs before it stops flowing altogether. Any of the following signs can indicate the beginning of a clog in the drains:

  • Low water pressure

  • Foul smells coming up from the drains

  • Water empties through drain slowly

  • Toilet does not fill with enough water

  • Drains are backing up, bubbling, or making gurgling noises

  • Shower sprays black matter

What Causes a Clogged Drain?

While there are various signs that can warn you before a clogged drain, there are also various causes for your clogged drains. Some of these culprits include:


One of the main culprits of a clogged drain in the bathroom is hair. Hair can go down the drain and become stuck. Often hair slowly builds in the pipes and before you know it, you have a major clog.


Kitchen sink drains that do not have a food catch can become clogged with food. This is particularly common when food not meant for the garbage disposal is placed there, including, potato skins, banana peels, etc.

Soap or Mineral Buildup

Over time, just bathing, showering or even washing your hands can cause your bathroom sink and tub to clog. Minerals and soap scum can leave residue on the pipes of the drain that slowly build up and block drains.

Foreign Objects

Sometimes objects fall into the drain and cause a clogged pipe. These objects can easily become trapped in the U bend or a slim part of the drain and cause water or waste to backup into the home. These items include children’s toys, sanitary napkins, and more.

How Often Should Drains Be Cleaned?

Having your drains cleaned on a monthly basis is the best way to avoid the problems of a clogged drain. A clog issue can be taken care of in the early stages and prevents serious damage from occurring in your homes plumbing. Additionally by performing regular cleanings, you can improve the quality of your plumbing as well as the pressure of the water.

What if Drains Do Become Clogged?

If you do encounter a clogged drain, our professional technicians have a variety of special tools to help remedy the problem such as:

Toilet Augers

Also known as snakes, this tool can be inserted down the clogged pipe to tug and breakup any blockages in the drain.

Air Blasters

This is a handheld device that uses forced pressurized air to remove the clog. This is especially useful for sensitive piping, such as in ceramic areas.

Cable Cleaning Machines

This machine uses hooks and other attachments that are connected to cables to grab and break up the clog.

Water Jetters

Similar to Air Blasters, this tool uses a stream of water under high-pressure to wash away the offending matter that created the clog.

Why Choose tfp24.ru For Your Drain Cleaning Needs?

Maintaining your drains is the best solution to keeping them clean and clog free. If you live in or around the Houston or St. Charles, TX area, contact us at tfp24.ru, and set up an appointment to have your drains cleaned on a monthly basis. Our technicians are trained and experienced in the plumbing field and can also help to quickly and efficiently clear any clogs you may already be experiencing. We will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from expert plumbing services!

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