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For many people, the garbage disposal is the tool that they use the most while in the kitchen. It’s a robust tool driven by a powerful motor with sharp blades meant to keep organic food particles shredded to a pulp and easy to move through the kitchen drain. Like any tool, your garbage disposal requires maintenance and repair, both of which should be left to a licensed and reputable plumbing service like our own for your own safety. At we can provide you with the very best garbage disposal services in Houston or St. Charles, TX, guaranteed. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our past customers have to say here!

Is Your Garbage Disposal Failing To Turn On?

One of the most prolific garbage disposal problems involves a garbage disposal that won’t turn on when the switch is flipped. There’s a few things that could go wrong with your garbage disposal to make it inoperable when you flip the switch.

  • Faulty Or Damaged Switch – Over time the switch that controls your garbage disposal can break down and eventually fail to function. Our technicians can replace this in a matter of minutes.

  • Malfunctioning Power Supply Or Motor – The motor or power supply is responsible for spinning the blades within the disposal. Should either of these items go bad you could be left with a garbage disposal that won’t function.

Are You Faced With A Constantly Jamming Garbage Disposal?

The next most common problem we see with garbage disposals is when they jam. While garbage disposals meant to break things down, items like thick bones, egg shells, glass, and metal are too strong for a garbage disposal’s blades to properly grind up. This results in a jammed disposal unit. Our plumbing technicians can unclog your garbage disposal in a way that is safe and will provide you with a perfectly functioning garbage disposal. If there is damage to the motor or blades, those can be replaced as well.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Noisy And Distracting?

A noisy garbage disposal is generally caused by a motor going bad or when a hard object, like mentioned before, enters into the blade. Loose mounting screws and a broken flywheel can also result in copious amounts of noise. Checking for the cause of a noisy disposal begins with one of our technicians gently rocking your garbage disposal to see if it’s mounted firmly in place. Your garbage disposal’s screws can then be tightened if it isn’t. If it’s not loose or clogged, then we can replace any malfunctioning flywheels or motors to fix the noise issue.

What Causes Garbage Disposal leaks?

As time goes on and you use your garbage disposal, things tend to naturally deteriorate and require maintenance. Screws can loosen and gasket can erode. Holes in the housing of your garbage unit can even develop. All these things can result in a leaking garbage disposal unit. Our plumbing technicians can come out to replace worn gaskets and tighten any loose screws. If your garbage disposal unit has deteriorated, we can replace your unit as well solve any problems.

Our Garbage Disposal Solutions

At we offer the very best garbage disposal solutions for your home. No matter what the issue may be with your garbage disposal, you can trust that our technicians will have a solution. We will thoroughly inspect the garbage disposal and find the source of the issue in a timely fashion. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get your garbage disposal working in perfect order!

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