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Water systems are crucial for every home and office environment. The main water line provides water to many devices, such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, water heater and washing machine. These appliances are typically connected to the main water line through posterior walls. It is important for these connections to be completely sealed, otherwise it is possible that water damage can result from leakage. It is a good idea to regularly check for signs of water damage around your home appliances. Our technicians are adept and finding signs of moisture, and we are always more than happy to help you protect your home from harm. Through our years of dedicated work, we have built a great reputation for ourselves in Houston or St. Charles Missouri, click here to read our customer reviews.

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What is an ice maker line?

An ice maker line is a water hose which connects the refrigerator to the home water supply, this water is used for ice or cold water. These tubes are ¼ inches in diameter and are available in a couple of different designs. If the water line is stretched excessively, this can result in a crack. As the tubing ages, it can become brittle and vulnerable to clogging and cracking.

What materials exist?

Copper, plastic, and a plastic-metal combination are the three types of ice maker water lines available. Plastic tends to be more flexible during installation, but it is also prone to becoming brittle in the future.

Copper is rigid, temperature resistant, and it is less susceptible to leaks. Braided stainless steel is a third option which provides the best of both worlds, it is resistant to leaks and it is also flexible.

What are indications of malfunctioning?

Less obvious ice maker line problems can be detected through signs of water damage. If you notice water on the floor or wall surrounding the fridge, this can be a sign of a loose or cracked ice maker line. If you live in a two-story home, a leaking ice maker can affect the downstairs area underneath the refrigerator, and we recommend that you check this area as well. Our technicians provide all the repairs necessary for correcting previous damage and for preventing future problems. If the line is leaking, our technicians will determine whether to tighten the seals and replace the connections, or to replace the ice maker line altogether.

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