Kitchen Fixture Services in Houston & St. Charles

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Faucets, sinks, garbage disposals and even cooktops are kitchen fixtures. These items have a tremendous affect on the appearance and usability of your kitchen. Kitchen fixtures offer a less costly way of making sizable improvements. We really enjoy helping our Houston or St. Charles, Missouri customers find and install the fixtures they need to make impressive upgrades to their kitchens. Our employees are adept at making the calculations and considerations necessary to ensure that new fixtures will function optimally. We have a reputation of responding quickly, working efficiently and being courteous, click here to read our reviews.

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What types of kitchen sinks exist?

Stainless steel sinks are very popular, they do not stain easily, are heat resistant and are affordable. Satin finish can be used to polish these sinks. This polish makes them easy to clean and prevent staining and calcium deposition from occurring. Stainless steel sinks are available with sound deadening pads to produce a more quiet sound while in use.

Composite granite sinks are made of granite stone, and acrylic resins, they are designed to have a consistent look. These sinks are extremely durable, and they are resistant to heat, stains and scratches.

Fireclay sinks are made from a fusion of clay and glaze. These sinks are also resistant to staining and chipping. They are a great option for homeowners who prefer to have a white sink.

Quartz, copper, natural stone and cast iron sinks are also available. If you would like to learn more about these materials, please give us a call, we are more than happy to help.

What should I consider when purchasing a new faucet?

Faucets are available in many varieties, the main styles that are available are: single control, twin handle, and low or high arch. The number of mounting holes drilled in the sink determine which faucets can be installed in your home. Sinks can have up to four mounting holes and faucet designs are based upon them.

The faucet should match the sink for aesthetic and functional reasons. A small sink is better matched with a short faucet with moderate flow and aeration. This is because a mismatch can cause excessive splashing. A higher faucet with greater range is better suited for a larger sink. For cleaning purposes, a faucet must be flexible enough to reach all the areas of the sink with water. Our technicians are able to calculate the ideal faucet and sink measurements for you.

We highly recommend faucets with PVD finishing, this finish ensures the greatest possible protection from scratching and staining. Nickel and bronze finishes are also available, however, they have not been proven to be as effective.

Faucets are also available in designs that conserve water; adjustable flow rate and aeration are features that reduce water use. An aeration device can be installed upon any faucet.

What kinds of cooktops exist?

Cooktops are stoves that can be mounted onto any countertop; gas, electric and induction cooktops are the three main types that exist. Gas cooktops have the best precision in temperature control. They also provide the highest possible temperature.

Induction cooktops require cast iron, stainless steel and other specific types of pots and pans. These cooktops create a magnetic field between the cookware and its magnetic coils. Induction cooktops remain cool during cooking, and they are very energy efficient.

Cooktops come in a variety of sizes, with widths ranging between 30-48 inches. They come with smooth or coiled surfaces, and with a variety in the number and sizes of burners they have.

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