Plumbing Protection Plan in St. Charles & Houston, TX

Are you looking to save money on all your plumbing services in the St. Charles or Houston, TX area? Join our Universal Protection Plan and save on all your services today!

A $186.00 value for only $79.00* for Top Plumbing Reliability, Efficiency & Safety

Benefits of the Universal Protection Program

Peace of Mind

Automatic, periodic inspection, lubricating, adjusting and cleaning of your water heater and fixtures keeps them operating at peak trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble.

Preferred Treatment

UPP increases your plumbing reliability, but should you need service, your UPP entitles you to preferential treatment.

Discounted Pricing

Only Universal Protection Plan members automatically receive the “Value Rate” a lower rate in our “Investment Guide Book”.

Annual Inspections

We will perform one free inspection and safety check during the anniversary month of your renewal period. Potential problems will be identified before they cause trouble. If during the annual inspection we find any repairs that need to be done, we will provide you with a proposal to make the repairs.

Save money on all your plumbing needs in the St. Charles or Houston, TX area! Join our Universal Protection Plan to save on all your plumbing needs!